Re-Certification of Breastfeeding Educators
Certified Breastfeeding Educators™ must re-certify every five years to indicate that they are participating in continuing education related to promotion and assistance of breastfeeding.

Only persons who were initially certified through the trademarked Breastfeeding Educator Program™ (developed and presented by Debi Bocar, RN, IBCLC) can re-certify through Lactation Consultant Services™ as a Certified Breastfeeding Educator™. Certified Breastfeeding Educators™ are not qualified to represent themselves as lactation consultants.

Recertification Options
1. Attend at least one day of the Breastfeeding Educator Program™ See Up-coming Programs for dates and locations.

2. Attend Continuing Education that addresses Breastfeeding Assistance and/or Promotion.

Attend at least five Contact hours of continuing nursing education or at least five L-CERPs addressing breastfeeding promotion and/or assistance each five years from certification or re-certification. The continuing education credits are based on sixty minute contact hours.

Certification and Re-certification certificates are valid for five years.

You may receive a re-certification certificate by mail. (Participants attending any day of the three-day Breastfeeding Educator Program™ receive their certificates at the conference.)

Access a printer friendly version of the re-certification form here: Re-certification Form

Along with the re-certification form, please send:
1. Copy of certificate(s) of attendance for at least 5 Continuing Education Contact Hours related to breastfeeding promotion and/or assistance. (A 60 minute session = 1 Continuing Education Contact Hour.)

2. Printed name and credentials you would like included on your certificate of re-certification. The year and location of your initial participation in the Breastfeeding Educator Program™, and/or year of last re-certification.

3. $35.00 check payable to Lactation Consultant Services™

Questions? Contact Us At:
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Director, Lactation Consultant Services™
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