Certification of Breastfeeding Educators

An optional activity in the Breastfeeding Educator Program™ is to complete certification as a breastfeeding educator. Breastfeeding educators are important resources for breastfeeding families. They are uniquely positioned in the health care team so that they have multiple opportunities to promote and assist with breastfeeding.

Certified Breastfeeding Educators™ are not qualified to represent themselves as lactation consultants. (See Breastfeeding Educator Program™ Materials for information about certification and role differentiation.)

Certification as a breastfeeding educator provides an added credential, validating special knowledge and skills for employers, professional colleagues, and consumers. It communicates that the breastfeeding advocate has completed a comprehensive course and is prepared to assist breastfeeding families with normal lactation and with common breastfeeding challenges. The title "Certified Breastfeeding Educator™" is a trademarked title that can only be conferred by Lactation Consultant Services™.

The initial certification process includes:
1. Attendance and participation in the Breastfeeding Educator Program™
Attendance for three days of didactic instruction
Participation in small group activities during the Breastfeeding Educator Program™

2. Completion of clinical role play activities
Includes positioning, latch-on, assessment of the infant at breast, and oral discussion of the management of selected breastfeeding challenges

3. Successful completion of a 50 item multiple-choice certification examination
Exam is based on the content of the Breastfeeding Educator Program™
(Passing score is 80%)

Participants are awarded a certificate documenting their successful completion of the certification process and will be entitled to use the designation Certified Breastfeeding Educator™ for a period of five years. Certification is conferred by Lactation Consultant Services™ and is in effect for five years. Recertification can be achieved through Lactation Consultant Services™. Find out more information about re-certification here.

An optional certification pin is available from Lactation Consultant Services™ for $5.0 when purchased at the program.  ($3 s/h charges for ordered pins.)

This is an optional certification. Participants receive continuing education units for the conference whether or not they complete the certification process. (Participants receive 2.3 additional continuing education credits if they complete the certification process.)
Certified Breastfeeding Educators™ must re-certify every five years. See re-certification application form for additional information.